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Meet Precious OSSAI

Precious OSSAI


Precious is a Frontend Heavy Fullstack Software Engineer that builds products with an end-to-end perspective, with background in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, experience in Product Design and backend development, his implementations are usually classified as pixel-perfect & eye-candy due to how he factors intuitive human-centered experiences with a well thought-out business logic.


He currently works at checkout.com's Headquater in London (UK) with the Fraud Detection team to facilitate secure payments across the world, mitigate fraud, and maximize approval rates, read more. Checkout.com was recognized as one of the most valuable Fintech in Europe with it's series D funding round, raising 1 Billion USD at a valuation of 40 Billion USD in Early-2022.

Prior to checkout.com, he worked at Kloud Commerce (formerly PayPecker) as the Frontend Lead, where he collaborativley pioneered the development of a customer, to retailer, to admin managed ecommerce/fintech solution for seamless and synchronised sales across different sales channel, read more.

Over the years, he has consulted for and worked with different companies in diverse industries & sectors like Advertising & Marketing, Oil & gas, Estate management, Education amongst others in designing and building solutions from the ground up through the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) from conceptualisation/ideation phase to production stage with the company's OKRs (Objective Key Results) in view.


Asides from his industry knowledge and coding skills, his thorough UIUX perspective can be attributed to his Product Design experience, as well, his dedicated ownership of his work and collaboration skills can also be linked to his freelancing experience when he was starting his career consulting for individuals & companies across the world as an all-round creative: planning projects, branding, media & VFX, product design, implementing UI and backend infrastructure, technical support, and switching roles as needed depending on the task/project.


He is a music lover that enjoys travelling and exploring. Whenever he is not writing code, designing, building or learning something, he is probably playing video games (usually Call of Duty Mobile (COD) and car racing games), or swimming, cycling, playing a game of snoker, catching up with family, friends and acquintances or maybe just eating and sleeping.

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